Chitra shows the practical, creative and fiery dynamic of the Virgo/Libra juncture. It exists from 26:20 of Virgo to 6:39 of Libra. The deity is called Vishwa Karma and it is one of the Adityas — the incarnations of the Sun meant to bring stability on Earth.

Chitra – Brilliant/Distinguished – Video


Deity: Tvastar (Viswa Karma)

Sign(s)/Degrees: 23:20 Virgo – 6:39 Libra

Ruler: Mars

Symbol: Pearl

Story: Chitra literally means “brilliant” or “precious” and it is related to gems, creativity, brilliance and color. It is between Virgo, which is an Earth sign, and Libra, an air sign. Libra is very creative but it is often structural and mechanical creativity which shows itself in things like architecture and solid foundational projects where people want to create something beautiful that is of long-term value like a house.

You can think of it also more in an abstract sense where you are creating thought structures or ideas. Chitra is good for creative thinking, writing and certainly things like astrology where there are systems. Often, people are also interested in things like computer or information technology where you are building structures.

This deity, Vishwa Karma, was also the one who cut the Sun down into smaller parts so that there could be the different planets. Planets reflect sunlight — they do not have their own light and they are just parts of the Sun. There is this whole quality of creativity, reflection, passion, enthusiasm and also building something solid in Chitra.

Chitra Nakshatra is also very passionate. You will often see people of a lot of creativity, energy and enthusiasm to create. It is also quite sensual and pretty flashy too in its own way. It is also about jewelry. Chitra is like the king of bling where we are wearing a lot of jewelry and a lot of shiny colors. It is functional and solid like Virgo yet colorful and beautiful like Libra. Chitra is right between the two.

That is Chitra ruled by Vishwa Karma, the divine architect.

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