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There is a huge difference in the way time is measured and kept in the East and the West. We see a lot of these differences played out in the 2 Zodiacs.

Western timekeeping is very Sun / Earth centric .. with a calendar and a Zodiac based on fixed Gregorian Calendar dates. These calendar dates are not in even in synch with the very Sun / Earth cycle it purports to model. Meaning, April 1, etc.. has no connection to a season or a Zodiac sign, etc. The beginning of the Year has no relationship to anything astronomical, even though the Astronomy is implicit in the Calendar.

In the East, the calendar is much more holistic. The calendar / months / cycles are based on the Sun / moon / Earth relationship. Usually a New Year, or a festival, etc.. begins on a New moon. The same is true with their months and seasons.

Regardless of these things, a 360/365 day year, broken up into 12 divisions (as shown by both Signs and Months) is an attempt to bring together Sun and moon cycles.

The Calendar – The Zodiacs and Timekeeping – VIDEO

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