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Vedic Astrology – Venus Retrograde

When a planet is retrograde it appears to back up in the sky, relative to our position on earth. This backward motion creates a Disruption in the things produced by the planet, both as a natural karaka and as a house ruler. Venus is the karaka of relationships,... read more

Mercury in Capricorn

When Mercury is in Capricorn, the speed of the intellect slows down, becomes more serious, rational and practical. Typically, we disperse a lot of intellectual energy mindlessly. When Mercury is in Capricorn the intellect slows down and focuses matters of consequence.... read more

Moon in Virgo

When the moon is in Virgo we bring purity and precision into the emotional/psychological process. Emotions are messy and confusing. Through the sign of Virgo we try to bring some order and structure to those emotions. Virgo is good at understanding and rationalizing... read more

Eclipse Cycle – Donald Trump and Losing

These last couple of weeks have been somewhat devastating to the newly minted president Trump. Setting aside false allegations/lies about widespread voter fraud, numerous false allegations against the media, tweets attacking judges and more, the “travel... read more

CURRENT UPDATE – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

CURRENT UPDATE – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer On February 10 the moon will be eclipsed in cancer, the sign that it rules. This is a time for us to go much deeper than just the surface level of the mind, deeper than the emotions, toward the depth of feeling, love and... read more

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