Ayurvedic Planets in Modern Language

The Sun is the Paramatman, the Purusha. As this provides the structure and support for everything in life, it also rules be Ashti (bone) dhatu. The heat of the sun is digestive and consuming. It tends to feel harsh and leads to a Pitta dosha. The Gender is male and its motivation is Sattwic, illuminating and purifying.

The moon is the Jivatman, the Prakriti. This nature is one of flow and connection. As such the moon rules the Rakta Dhatu (Blood). The flow and connection of the moon is gentle and soothing. It brings comfort, but perhaps stagnation – kapha. The gender is female and the motivation is Sattvic, oriented to love and peace.

Mars rules the Fire Bhuta. His nature is hot, sharp, activating and directed. He rules the majja Dhatu (the marrow and nerve tissue). His active nature feels cruel, reckless and aggressive. His influence increases Pitta dosha. The gender is male and the motivation is disciplined and tamasic – protective (through anger).

Mercury rules the Earth Bhuta. His nature is flexible and adaptable. He rules the Rasa Dhatu (skin or plasma). He feels open, ready and able to facilitate whatever environment is present. As such, is gender is neutral (like a child) , but he tends to increase vata – activity. His motivation is toward activity and passion, rajsic.

Jupiter rules in the ether bhuta. His nature is protective, gracious and expansive. He rules the Meda Dhatu (fat / lymph). He is always looking at the bigger picture and make things large by nature. His influence feels gentle and his unctuous nature promotes kapha. Gender is masculine and is motivated toward righteousness, Sattwa.

Venus rules the water bhuta. Her nature is polite, yielding an accommodating. She rules the shukra dhatu (sperm/ojas shakti). She’s always assessing value and the price we have to pay for thngs, including our happiness. As such, she brings a gentle nature which promotes connection and kapha. Her gender is female and her motivation is toward activity and passion, rajasic.

Saturn rules of the air Bhuta. His nature is worried and stressed. He rules the Mamsa Dhatu (muscle) as it is the nature of hard work, effort and longevity. He brings the awareness of limitations and as such his influence feels cruel and promotes Vata dosha. His gender is neutral (like an old person) and his motivation is protective (through fear) – tamasic.

The Nodes are invisible force is and as such do not activate Bhutas or Dhatus. Their influences are quite noticeable – but feel cruel are more psychological.

Rahu (North Node of the Moon) – Rahu tends to promote vata (fear) and bring confusion based on irrational fears.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) – Ketu tends to promote Pitta (anger) and brings confusion based on intolerance.

Planet Bhuta Dhatus Nature Dosha Gender Guna
Sun Purusha Ashti cruel Pitta Male Sattwa
Moon Prakriti Rakta gentle Kapha Female Sattwa
Mars Fire Majja cruel Pitta Male Tamas
Mercury Earth Rasa neutral Vata Neutral Rajas
Jupiter Ether Meda gentle Kapha Male Sattwa
Venus Water Shukra gentle Kapha Female Rajas
Saturn Air Mamsa cruel Vata Neutral Tamas
Rahu   cruel Vata Tamas
Ketu   cruel Pitta Tamas
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