Pisces 2018 – Month of Chaos and (hopefully) Redemption

Pisces 2018 – Month of Chaos and (hopefully) Redemption

A Month of Chaos and (hopefully) Redemption

A new 30-day cycle, related to Pisces, begins on March 17. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of hope and inspiration. Through the sign of Pisces this becomes emotional and psychological, whereas Sagittarius is the masculine and assertive quality of Jupiter.

Pisces is where we feel the innate connection to that which is beyond the earth, that which inspires us to rise above all the problems of the world. This can lead us to spirituality, creativity, romance. But it can also lead to fantasy, delusion, and escapism, where we just can’t bear the pain of this world and our separation from spirit

In the highest sense, Pisces is the part of you that is not of this Earth, the part of you that simply wants to merge, through the heart, with existence itself. As such, it is the part of you that knows there is no place to go, that you are already home.

But then the mind and intellect gets lost. We may ask foolish questions and assume things incorrectly. For example, we may ask ourselves or our teachers: “If I am already pure spirit and consciousness, then why do anything? Why not just trust that everything is working out.”

Of course, to some extent that’s true. But it assumes a lot. Just because we have “God potential”, it doesn’t mean that the potential is realized. Because those who have fully realized their “God potential” – see the good and the bad, the pleasant and the unpleasant, in the same way. They are not trying to avoid or escape from difficulty or unpleasantness. Thus, the confusion and delusion of Pisces.

In the deepest sense, we know that we emanate from spirit. However, that (False) “knowledge” leaves the ego to form conclusions that have not been experienced.

This is why we need to harmonize the qualities of Pisces with the practical methodology and willingness to “show off” to do the work, of Virgo.

Purva Bhadra Nakshatra
This new moon happens in Purva Bhadra Nakshatra, which is related to Lord Shiva’s energy, and the lightning bolts that shock us into a deeper awareness of a deeper reality. In the very early stages of Pisces, we first become aware of our true existence, beyond “saving the world”, being “one with humanity” and all of these very high ideals that we as individuals hold dear.

The utopian vision of life on earth is penetrated by the lightning strike of that which is beyond. This lightning strike may make us fanatical, as we first catch this glimpse of something beyond the earth. So we must be careful of that fanaticism.

On a more mundane level, we have to be careful of the fanatical world leaders and sudden, shocking actions based moral impulse then on rationale.

The Virgo full moon
The next 30 days will challenge us to stay engaged with the messy details of world in order to be freed from them, and the false attachments we have developed to our physical, embodied life. These “messy details” are related to the sign of Virgo, the opposite sign from Pisces.

The full Moon in Virgo on March 31 will show the harmonizing of these two forces: the force of surrender to actual truth (Pisces) and the need to stay engaged and alert to all the details that facilitate that surrender (Virgo).

Debilitated Mercury

This new Moon happens with Mercury debilitated in Pisces. This shows where we might not be thinking so clearly, or speaking so clearly. When Mercury is debilitated, we get the details wrong, then we speak them incorrectly. This is also a politically correct way of saying, “be careful of liars and people lying and trying to deceive you”.

Also, you must be careful of misspeaking and unwittingly lying yourself, as a result of “self-delusion”. Most people do not say to themselves “now I am going to lie”. No, instead, we willingly cooperate with a story we know is not true, then spread that story to others. Over time, we lose credibility once people understand we are doing this.

Exalted Venus
Venus is exalted now, which shows a high potential for spiritual devotion and connecting to that sublime beauty of life. There could be a lot of romance and high desires now. But also, we may be disappointed in our romantic relationship, due to the otherworldly projection so many people inflict on their partners.

Try to stay realistic and grateful. The highest promise of exalted Venus is devotion to God, the only “otherworldly” thing we can rely on. People will always disappoint us, and we will disappoint them. Now is the time to “awaken from the soulmate fantasy”. Instead, we can “awaken to the God consciousness reality”.

Mars/Saturn conjunction
Mars and Saturn are now closely joined in Sagittarius, which can be quite dangerous. On the worldly level, we hear the saber rattling of dictators, and power grabs everywhere. The Chinese leader has just declared himself king (basically). Other authoritarians are jockeying for position in an ever more dangerous world. Putin, Kim Jong un and Pres. Trump all seem to be playing very dangerous games that could blow up at any minute.

We must be very careful, particularly around the end of March and into early April.

Global Implications and President Trump – 8th House
Because president Trump wields so much power on the world stage, it’s important to see how this will affect him. A quick review, and recent predictions from this astrologer, shows how volatile and destabilized he is – and how it has been clearly shown by the astrology – and how dangerous this next month could be.

The recent lunar eclipse in his 12th house, over his relationship factors, showed the eclipsing of all the women in his life. His wife, his daughter, his close assistant (Hope Hicks) have all been marginalized if not under siege and attack. In addition, an ever-growing lawsuit from an adult film star threatens his credibility, if not presidency. All of this was predicted as shown by the eclipse on his relationship factors – and then the solar eclipse in his seventh house (relationships).

This Pisces cycle will occur in president Trump’s 8th house – the house of death, destruction, war, unpredictable and unexpected chaotic events. Basically, if you think there’s been chaos so far, hang onto your hats. Because the president is about to have things blow up in his life, even more. This could mean scandal, lawsuits, death, war – all 8th house’s events.

It is the house where secrets become exposed (if we have been lying), and the consequences of how we treat others also comes to the forefront. Under normal circumstances, these revelations take us to a deeper awareness of life and make us face our fragile insecurities. But our president has shown no desire to own up to any of his misstatements, mistakes, deceit and corruption. Instead, he doubles and triples down on them and tries to deflect attention.

It’s not beyond the realm of imagination that his entire “meeting with King Jong Un” is a way to distract from an emerging sex scandal with a porn star! But these high stakes “winging it” gambits, where the endgame is not known are extremely dangerous.

There could be more firings (especially Mueller, McMaster and/or Kelly) and military action is possible. It has been reported, and seems obvious, that Pres. Trump is ready to “take the shackles off”, now that he’s been president for one year and “really understand the job now”. Extreme hardliners such as John Bolton have been floated as replacing McMaster. This is like pouring gasoline on the fire.

By the way, in early April 2017 Pres. Trump bombed Syria, and then tested the MOAB ordinance – showing how this 8th house transit of the sun from Pres. Trump’s point of view is related to war and destruction.

Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Ketu is. the south node in Vedic astrology. The lunar nodes are the points where the orbits of the sun moon and earth lineup in three-dimensional space. The South lunar node is the trailing node, whereas the North node is the leading node.

Evaluating the South but astrologically is quite tricky. It has to do with things from the past – past lives, things we have forgotten from our childhood, things that are buried in hidden. As such, many times these show hidden skills and latent abilities that we didn’t know we had – until we are forced to use them.

We tend to avoid the qualities of the South node, because they often represent painful, and buried life events – as was mentioned. But when called upon and when necessary those skills emerge. However, there is often much confusion while we are using these latent skills. We are often thrust back into forgotten parts of our psyche and abandoned parts of our soul.

An important attribute of the South node is the fierce scrutiny upon which anything it touches will fall under. There is a sort of recoiling in disgust from anything the south node influences. We feel as if we are “used up” in that area of life. We feel as though we have already done enough. And it’s true, there is a lot of expertise in the area where the South node resides. But the karma is not yet complete. Much of our work with the South node is about being compassionate with those around us who are less skilled and precise as we are in that area.

Eclipses with the South node often show these hidden and buried skills coming to the surface again for all of us. The excavation of the skills often requires us to go to very uncomfortable parts of ourselves and untangle a lot of buried confusion.

But underneath it all, Ketu is one of the most spiritual influences in the astrology chart, And I mean purely spiritual. This astrological influence is really not of this world at all. In fact, that’s the most telling attribute of Ketu, is the party that doesn’t really want to be here. It is divine discontent personified.

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – We are stuck with each other

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius – We are stuck with each other

On February 15 we have the first solar eclipse of 2018, when the moon moves between the earth and the sun in the constellation of Aquarius. Mercury and Venus are also joined the sun and the South node in Aquarius at that time.

When Aquarius gets eclipsed, our relationship with society and culture get shaken up, distorted and refocused. We can see this globally as Russia, North Korea, China and other countries have taken more prominent positions of power since early 2016 (when the eclipses started in the Leo/Aquarius axis). It all seems up for grabs at this point.

On a personal level, you should feel prepared to refocus and recommit to “being the change you want to see” in the world. This doesn’t mean you have to get out and protest, or become political. But it does explain the radical shifts we are all noticing and will be forced to accommodate, whether we like it or not. In fact both sides are pushing the other to extremes now. We have no option but to live with each other, that is the lesson.

We see watershed changes shown by the #metoo movement, systemic shifting of our social institutions, like the media and intelligence services, measured against extreme conservatism. These are all related to Aquarius, the social and political structures we have built and share in common with each other. As these things shift, there is a stress, because we’re not sure what’s going to replace the culture we had “pre-2016”.

A sense of altruism is a good thing, and much needed now. Even if you don’t set out to “change the world” now, you could certainly make improvements in the workplace, or in any environment where you have to co-mingle with others. But yes, you may also feel a sudden itch to do some work in the community, or in your spiritual circle, or in service of causes that will outlive you. These are the larger lessons of Aquarius.

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Mercury and Venus – Fake News and Selfies
Mercury and Venus are also getting eclipsed. This shows a deep reevaluation of our communication style and our information (Mercury), and our sense of beauty and how we share that in partnership with others (Venus). This is a difficult time for relationship intimacy and connection, not just because of Venus being eclipsed but Mars as well (see below). Reevaluating meaningful connections is important now, in our “self obsessed” attention seeking culture. When we pay more attention to “Facebook likes” than authentic sharing and connection.

This is also time to reevaluate our sense of discrimination and separating fact from bias and opinion. These things are so incredibly blurry in our world now, to the detriment of civil discourse and a fact-based shared reality. When faced with facts we don’t like, no need to listen to the other person, just call it “fake news”, then move on. This is going to kill us all if we don’t get it worked out and learn how to listen to each other. A good place to start would be to return to common sense, and a common set of agreed-upon “facts”.

Dhanishta Nakshtra – The Drum of Creation
This eclipse is in the Nakshatra of Dhanishta, which is symbolized by the drum of Lord Shiva. As the dancing God Nataraj, Shiva plays the “Damaru” drum. This symbolizes the heartbeat of life, the steady pulse and drumbeat of existence. This wild, ecstatic dance is of both creation and destruction – a simultaneous frenzy of birth and death. This is creativity itself.

Every act of creation is preceded by an act of destruction. Before we can plant flowers, we must destroy weeds. Every rebirth is preceded by death. This is the ever rejuvenating life force personified as time itself. The drumbeat of time, and the need to not waste it, is shown by this Nakshatra. The word “dhan” (the first syllable of Dhanishta) means “wealth” or “value”. The greatest value and wealth we have in life, is time and what we do with it.

We can spend our time chasing material wealth or spiritual wealth. This Nakshatra bridges the two signs ruled by Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of time, and the one who takes it away from us. This extremely sensitive point in the zodiac shows the transition from making peace with our limited time in Capricorn, then sharing that inner strength with others in Aquarius.

Mars and Saturn – Facing Fear and Anger
Also important on this eclipse is Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Sagittarius. Now is the time to develop more emotional courage and discipline, or else we can spin out into emotional battles with others and wasting our time in useless drama. Mars and Scorpio is challenging us in this way. But you may be feeling emotionally irritable and restless with others. It is always easier to dump our frustrations onto our circumstances. But instead, there’s a great window open for you to “own your hurt” now.

Saturn in Sagittarius is prominent now, because Saturn is the ruler of this eclipse and is also aspecting Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of stillness, silence and making peace with death. In order to make peace with the death however, we have to go through the fear and stress of facing it. So these could be important and heavy things now. But as always, the pressures and difficulties are only on the surface, only psychological and emotional. Beneath the surface, in the center of the heart, there is great liberation and ecstasy. All of that is possible now, but you need to sit still and not project your fear and anger onto others, stated simply.

Maha Shiva Ratri – Reconnect to OM
Tuesday night, February 13, will be Maha Shiva ratri, the great night of Lord Shiva. This is the night to stay up and celebrate the change and transformation I am discussing. This is a great night to train your mind to focus and meditate and be still and silent. As I already stated above, Mars and Saturn are bringing a lot of discipline and determined energy on your behalf.

This eclipse is trying to show us that we as individuals on earth, depend on each other for our survival. The days of a “Superpower” dominating others is becoming less important, as the damage that can be done by terrorists or rogue nations are becoming less and less important. We are starting to sense that our true vulnerability is a distrust of each other, and an inability to recognize truth and treat each other with respect when we disagree.

Stated simply, we need to learn to get along with our neighbors, other countries, and our planet. May we learn this lesson gently, both personally and collectively. Because the other option is not very pretty. History has shown us that sometimes the only way we learn to get along is in the aftermath of a personal or collective “catastrophe”.

You can watch the video here:

Vedic Astrology and the Sidereal Zodiac in the Age of Misinformation

Vedic astrology is the most powerful, stable and scientific astrological system the world has ever seen. It has endured in its original form for thousands of years.

Inseparable from that stability and timeless endurance is the sidereal zodiac, the mapping system used in Vedic astrology, which integrates 12 solar portions with 27 lunar portions, as they (according to Parashara) “occupy the same space”.

A Quick History Lesson on Zodiacs
The earliest record of the 12, 30° signs is from the Babylonian Empire, from about the fifth century BC, written on their cuneiform tablets. The original zodiac was sidereal, connecting precise ecliptic coordinates to 30° portions. Later, these sidereal 30° portions found their way to Greece, then later to Egypt where around the first century CE. At that time, all zodiacs were sidereal and the tropical zodiac did not exist until Claudius Ptolemy proposed to pin them to seasons, by declaring the 1st° of Aries to be the vernal equinox.

As we now know, the distance between the original, precise sidereal zodiac from Babylon and used by the Indians to this day, and the extrapolated tropical zodiac from the Greeks, that pinned the vernal equinox to the first degree of Aries, has now drifted by about 24°. It will continue to drift about 1° every 70 years for eternity.

Indian Astrology Is Sidereal
By contrast the sidereal zodiac is the same as it was thousands of years ago, when Magha was at 0° Leo, showing the “king on the throne” in the sign of Leo, rather than having drifted into Virgo. The Nakshatra of Pushya (the breasts) is still squarely in Cancer, the sign of motherhood, rather than having drifted into Leo, etc.

In every Vedic astrology text proper, sidereal signs and Nakshatra’s are integrated. Varahamihira states Ashwini (Nakshtra), Aries (Rasi) and the Nakshatra padas are aligned, for example. No one disputes this, (even those novel Vedic astrologers / students using the “tropical zodiac”) nor does anyone dispute the fact that in spite of being influenced by the tropical zodiac, Indian astrology developed and was conceived of sidereally. Although there are a few who think (strangely enough) that the Indians made a mistake using the Sidereal Zodiac.

When we look into some texts (after the Greeks pinned the seasons to the zodiac), references to what would become “the tropical zodiac” show up in “astronomy texts” and some of India’s secular/non-astrological writings. In these instances we see the equinoxes and solstices joined to “astrology signs”, rather than measured sidereally, as we would expect. This has confused some, for good reason.

In these texts the Sun is described in relationship to the seasons and other purely “earthbound” activities, the length of the year, etc. But there are no astrological methods or techniques in those books. They are not astrology books. So, we should not make hard conclusions about how to “practice astrology” based on these writings, except to take notice that the influence of the Greeks made its way to India at this time.

Thus, in spite of these references in astronomical and secular texts, the wise Indian astrologers never conflated the seasonal / tropical zodiac of the Greeks with the primordial, original sidereal zodiac. As was said, that original zodiac of 12, 30° portions was first seen formally in Babylon, then was exported to Greece, then migrated to Egypt, then joined with the seasons – eventually making it to India, where it was rejected for erecting horoscopes.

Why Did the Indians Resist?
So, why did the Indians resist using “what we now call” the tropical zodiac? Well, we may never know exactly, but it seems pretty simple. The Indians never used the tropical zodiac. (as it did not exist at that point and why would it?) They already had an extremely precise, sidereal mapping system that had been in place for thousands of years by that time.

In the ancient (Rig and Yajur) Vedanga Jyotisha, we see the ancient Indians were master astronomers, having calculated the year very precisely, and even measuring out 30° portions of the year (Sidereally). They also measured “five-year cycles”, which were likely meant to compensate for the extra days, like a leap year. Like all ancient cultures of that time, the first “zodiac” is more of a calendar, not used erecting horoscopes or for practicing astrology. That would come later, as the zodiac signs and Nakshatra indicators would eventually be formalized into a chart reading system. Of course, this system would revolve around the sidereal portions of sky they were already using.

Every calculation in the Vedanga Jyotisha was sidereal. Solstices were measured with Nakshatra’s, which are sidereal. The length of their five-year cycle was measured in Nakshatra’s, 135 Nakshatra’s to be precise. Seasons were measured to be 4.5 Nakshatra’s. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the Indians used what would be considered a “tropical zodiac”. Every historian and researcher for thousands of years has come to these same conclusions. There is no mystery here.

Tropical Zodiac a Mistake?
The tropical zodiac did not exist at that time, and to many throughout history, the tropical zodiac itself is considered to be an irrational juxtaposition of things that should not go together. Here’s why.

The zodiac was (and still is) a system of precise coordinates that are meant to map celestial movements of planets as they (apparently) circle the earth. Exact degrees matter with the zodiac. But how is it being calculated? Is it being calculated by precise, ecliptic coordinates, that are virtually unmoving over time (Sidereally)? Or is it being calculated by taking our place on earth (which is moving slightly over time) and projecting THAT into space to find precise coordinates for a circling heavenly body (Tropical)?

By the way, I do not think the tropical zodiac was a mistake for erecting astrology charts. But many in the Western astrology tradition, like Cyril Fagan and the tradition of sidereal Western astrology assert this. Many who examine the tropical zodiac see it is a conflation of two things that have nothing to do with each other. The earth going around the sun and the equinoxes/solstices inherently have nothing to do with the band of celestial coordinates that we use to measure planets moving through the sky. The tropical zodiac connects these two things.

This is why the Egyptologist and Western astrologer Cyril Fagan, in the 1940s, completely rejected tropical Western astrology, after he realized the nature of the tropical zodiac. Fagan thought it was not a legitimate way to erect horoscopes. This tradition continues today, with many sidereal Western astrologers who have returned to the original zodiac. This original zodiac also connects to the sky as it was when the original Western astrology texts were written!

Union of the Sun and Moon in One Connected Zodiac
Indeed, this rigorous sidereal zodiac system of Rasi and Nakshatra, that underpins Vedic astrology, is the envy of astrological systems the world over. The Indians always used the exact, sidereal coordinates from the Vedanga Jyotisha with Nakshatra’s, then later (and currently) interlaced them with the sidereal zodiac sign portions.

With remarkable precision (and probably a sharing of sciences and culture), the 12, 30° divisions of the original, Babylonian, sidereal zodiac overlaid almost perfectly with the 27 sidereal, Indian portions. Thus, after the Greeks converted the sidereal zodiac to the moving, tropical zodiac by pinning the 1st° of Aries to the vernal equinox, the Indians resisted.

This is not an opinion. This is the story. And again, what was the result? The result is the most stable, scientific astrological system the world has ever seen. In fact, it is so stable and solid that even the discovery of new planets and other emergent celestial bodies are not necessary to improve it. Indeed, the Indians obviously knew exactly what they were doing. They were following the accuracy of already established traditions.

This is not surprising, as the Indians developed many spiritual sciences that work hand-in-hand with each other. Vedic astrology, and especially its connection to the Cosmology of the sky and usage of the sidereal zodiac, are even further proof of their timeless genius. They were wise enough to resist the conflation of the Greeks, who connected the seasons with the sidereal portions of sky. In resisting this, the Indians preserved the Sun and Moon portions as one integrated system.

Is Tropical Zodiac Wrong For Practicing Astrology?
The tropical zodiac was conceived at the same time that both the Vedic and Western astrology systems were being developed. Thus, both systems can work for erecting horoscopes. Especially for Western astrologers and that tradition, tropical zodiac works very well. You can see it in their methods, which have changed and developed with the discovery of new planets, asteroids, fluid sign rulership, etc.

But even if you are a Vedic astrologer who resonates more with the Tropical Zodiac, and you use it in your practice, I personally will champion your choice and right to do so. This is because each “zodiac” is the organizing principle around which all “methods” work. So, if Vedic astrologers use the tropical zodiac or Western astrologers use the sidereal zodiac or astrologers use the zodiac of their tradition, I am for it all.

Our heart and nervous system must first connect with a zodiac, either sidereal or tropical before any astrology practice can take hold. This is why people get so passionate about their zodiac. After our heart connects to one zodiac we gravitate to practices and methodologies (usually with in the tradition of the system itself) in order to go deeper and interpret astrology charts correctly.

I think all of that is beautiful and I would never attack a person’s system. As I said, both systems developed at the same time that the tropical zodiac was conceived and led to western astrology and the Vedic astrology practice was galvanized around the sidereal zodiac and precise methods that have led to centuries of precise, scientific astrology.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius

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On July 6 will be full of Sagittarius, which is opposite the sun in Gemini.

Two weeks ago, when the Sun and moon came together Gemini, we started that 30 day cycle of communication, exploring new ideas and testing our preconceived ideas and beliefs about things. The halfway point in that Gemini cycle is Sagittarius, the place of beliefs and wanting to connect information with a higher purpose.

We can feel inspiration from our teachers and our beliefs now. And those inspirations are measured against our recent experimentations and trials. Remember, we are in the Gemini cycle, so we’re exploring new ideas. But on the full moon in Sagittarius, we connect those new ideas with our existing beliefs and find either a deeper alignment or a disconnect.

This is why in the Gemini cycle, we may look for new teachers, or deepen our connection to our existing teachings. The deepening comes from a greater application and intellectual understanding of our beliefs.

But on this full Moon in Sagittarius, we can feel the gratitude for our teachers in our heart. Rather than just spinning a bunch of ideas in our head, we sink deeply into an emotional connection, gratitude and devotion. This is how we’re meant to learn and study. When information stays in the head, and does not connect to the heart, there’s no integration. When I say “the heart” I don’t mean “the emotions”. I mean our deeper intuition and are felt experience of life.

Too often the things we learn, talk about and think about, remain intellectual and sterile. They do not become experiential and connected to real life situations. When that happens, nothing really changes, we just play with ideas and basically go nowhere. On this full Moon in Sagittarius however, your existing beliefs combined with your intellectual curiosity and experimentation can lead to enormous devotion and gratitude for your teachers and their teachings.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra
This Full moon happens in Purva Ashada Nakshatra. Purva Ashada is ruled by Apas, the God of the ocean. This is indicative of the devotion in our heart which fills in the information gaps intuitively. This is the part of Sagittarius related to devotion. However, it also shows where we need to be more precise in our thinking, and not just believe blindly in what happens.

Belief Vs. Intellect – This Full Moon in Sagittarius and You
Every person has a different relationship with the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in their life. For example, a Taurus person will experience this as a struggle between values and stability versus intensity and instability. A Leo person will see this as a contest between their personal inspirations and those things that inspire the masses, that we need to serve.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Video

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