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Astrological Cycles and Daily Forecasts

Life is full of cycles within other cycles. Two of the most important cycles are the Sun and Moon cycles. These are the two main cycles that I assess my member site.

The sun cycle shows 30 days of action And initiation. The sun cycle starts when the sun and moon come together, in a particular sign. Wherever that sign falls from each ascendant shows the area of life that individual should focus on that month.

The full moon is the initiation of the moon cycle, and it’s related to letting go during that 30 day cycle. The moon is the indicator of surrender, letting go and integration.

In addition to these two cycles, running simultaneous with each other, are the daily forecasts. The daily forecasts are based on five most important factors. The day, the sign, the Nakshatra, the aspect, and the tithi / lunar phase.

Thus, in any 30 day cycle our action should be focused on the house related to the most recent new moon, and the attributes of that sign. Simultaneous to that, we should be looking to let go of, surrender and integrate things related to the moon sign and whichever house that move falls in from our ascendant.

If you want to get more information about staying up-to-date with these monthly and daily cycles, Check out this page – where you can get daily forecasts, three master classes and several other bonuses for just $.50 on a 14 day trial.


Check out the Video Below Where I Explained the Cycles in More Detail

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