Anuradha shows the sensitive, intuitive side of Scorpio as well as their devoted and spiritual nature. It is from 3:20 of Scorpio until 16:39 of Scorpio.

Deity: Mitra

Sign(s)/Degrees: 3:20 – 16:40 Scorpio

Ruler: Saturn

Symbol: Heap of rice, umbrella

Story: Anuradha literally means following Radha and it is a very devotional Nakshatra. It is related to the goddess Radha who is the consort of Lord Krishna. Radha was not Krishna’s lover, she was his friend. This sort of ‘god as the divine friend’ is very important in Anuradha Nakshatra.

People that have planets in Anuradha are often great friends and friendly. They have a more difficult time with lovers and romantic involvement because of the passion of Scorpio. This is in Scorpio which is that fixed water sign where we become aware of our insecurities and fears. Anuradha shows the need to be more objective and devotional about those kinds of things.

The deity is called Mitra which literally means friend, friendship or friendliness. Mitra rules Anuradha and it shows that friendliness and friendship that is a hallmark of this Nakshatra. And again, people who have planets in Anuradha are often very good friends with others. They are loyal and emotional entanglements that are intimate can become difficult this is why in the great tales of Lord Krishna, his greatest devotee was nott his wife, it was his friend, Radha.

She was not as emotionally involved. She was his most beloved devotee because she saw God as a divine friend. It is a beautiful thing because you can confess all of your problems to your friend much more so than maybe to your lover or family member or even to God. A friend is a very safe for our intentions to land. That is a very deep motivation for Anuradha.

Planets in Anuradha can really benefit by more detachment, friendliness, less drama and neediness. Rather than demand from others, they are friendly and loyal to them. Anuradha people and planets can really live up to that promise much more easily and in general, you will see these people are often great friend to others, have a lot of friends, very loyal and devoted.

Anuradha is very devotional and related to Lord Krishna. It comes from Radha (the god of friendliness), Lord Mitra and learning how to anchor the heart and stabilize the emotions on those solid structures rather on things that have to do with our own needs.

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