Advanced Chart Reading Class in San Francisco

Advanced Chart Reading Class in San Francisco

We Studied Advanced Chart Reading Principles Only Taught to an Elite Few. But Now You Too Can Get Access To These “Magic Bullet” Methods.


I Have A Few Questions For You:

  • Have you been studying astrology or Vedic astrology for years – long enough to have mastered it, but still get tongue tied when you see a chart and try to explain it?
  • Are you tired of moving from “technique to technique” – looking for the Magic Bullett” that is somehow going to make it all gel for you?
  • Do you tell yourself, “yeah I understand that (astrology concept)”, but I just can’t put it into words”, when you try to explain something to a friend. Yet deep down you know you are lying to yourself?,.. and that you really DON’T understand.

Well guess what, you are not alone.


I began studying the Vedic Sciences when I was 19 years old, in 1983. At that time I started a meditation practice, based on the books of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later known as Osho). I was really a lost soul back then – a child of divorce with much confusion and heartbreak. At the time, these meditations and practices saved my life. It prepared me for a life long study of Vedic sciences. I continued that meditation practice until this day – now studying with my sat Guru Ammachi.

In between, the 30 years that have passed between Rajneesh and Amma, the world changed a lot – and so did I. Through the 80’s and much of the 90’s the world was still in the “old paradigm” of communication – meaning NO INTERNET. The world was a lot different – especially as it related to things such as spirituality and the worlds of East and West sharing their cultural and spiritual traditions.

Actually, I Was Really Lost
During that time, I continued my Indian studies practices, in anonymity, all the while half heartedly pursuing a musical career. In truth, I was lost most of those years as I had no interest in committing to a career / making a living in the world, unless I could do what I wanted. So I worked in sales jobs, I would drink and smoke and was basically living the “tortured artist” life. Outer circumstances were not supporting my inner life and by the late 90’s, I was sinking and I felt like I was running out of options. I never went to college, minus a year of electives and French classes – mainly motivated by falling in love with a French girl 😉 – because I was interested in metaphysics.

Sudden Change and Redemption and The New Paradigm
In 2001, while I was working in a sales job, a great thing happened, I was fired (actually we were all let go,downsized). While grown men were crying, having lost a 100K / year job suddenly, I was ecstatic. I quickly did the math and realized, including severance pay and unemployment, I had about 3 years to start over and do something new and I knew exactly what that was – Yoga and Vedic astrology. As the internet had changed the world and opened things up for online businesses and communications, I had begun studying astrology and Yoga in earnest again and was hopeful to help people.

I no longer felt like this weird guy interested in bewildering Indian science and spirituality. I started an email list, as there were more and more people interested in learning about these sciences. I saw all around me people trying their best to awaken to the mystical truths of the East, but just not really getting it. For instance, “The Law of Karma” is a totally empowering concept. It essentially says that you are responsible for everything and the things that limit and frame your life are the result of the limitations you have imagined and then acted upon.

But instead, filtered through our modern misunderstanding, the law of Karma is often rejected due to the wrong notion that it is unempowering and “lording over us” somehow – like a system of carrots and sticks being wielded by unseen, believed in, overlords. Sadly, Vedic astrologers often frame “The Planets” as these oppressive overlords. Often western Vedic astrologers will rebel against that notion – citing our freewill as being able to overcome it. Whereas Indians fall more in line with the “Overlord” part of it, seeing astrology as a way to make us resigned to our fate / punishment, etc. Western side says “fight, use the ego” – Eastern side says “accept and take it”.

“Great” I thought, “this is what I have to work with”?

In Search of A Better Way and The Moment I Decided To Be An Astrologer
By 2004, I had been studying Vedic astrology fervently and felt it was being taught very sloppily – either by Westerners who lacked an authentic Vedic background or by Indians who were too Dogmatic and religious about it. I also noticed that many of the techniques being taught were not very precise at all, did not work consistently and were not repeatable. Teachers would use the same selected charts, then when I tried to apply their simplistic techniques, I found they did not work.

I attended a class by a well-known Astrologer and we were looking at Hitler’s chart. I noticed that Hitler Dasas (planetary cycles) seemed to make no sense- based on what the person was teaching. So I asked how that timing would work in the case of Hitler’s chart and the answer was totally unsatisfactory. I knew this person did not really know what they were talking about, beyond personality stuff, etc. – and I thought they should know better, given their status.

The truth is, this was not uncommon – for a professional astrologer / teacher to not really have the precise methods of Vedic astrology down pat enough to actually teach them and welcome all to share their charts or experiences and break things down scientifically (which is something I am a stickler for). In any class I teach I welcome spontaneous chart examples – anything less is not professional.

The astrology of over-simplicity (Good/Bad), a lack of discrimination applied between how our karma feels and what actually happens (you look at totally different things for feelings than you do for results) set me off on a deep personal inquiry into Vedic astrology.

(*NOTE – I do not intend to disparage anyone’s work, but I need to be truthful)

At first I researched every thing imaginable – tested it all – Ashtakavarga, Shad Bala, Gochara, other Modern Forms of Vedic astrology. Like most, I thought the hidden answers must lie in these complicated, bewildering techniques. Boy was I wrong! Instead, I found them empty and unintuitive. This is not to say those methods are useless. No, not at all. They are for very subtle work and I use them when needed.

Eventually I returned to the roots – the roots of my 30 year Vedic studies practice – the roots of astrology and all healing systems. I just focused on the core, Vedic concepts in astrology – and went as deeply into what was universal – not just to Vedic astrology, but also to Yoga and other astrology systems. These Universal principles are the wise forces of the Universe that creates everything. They are all benevolent and they are not just Indian. They are expressed in all spiritual traditions and astrology / healing systems.

Going Deeper – Not Wider – Led To Amazing Discoveries
This was a great time of research, leading me in to into just the first few Chapters in Maharishi Parahsara’s Hora Sastra – and synthesizing several of the important factors into a 3D approach to the Zodiac – Planets, Signs and Houses and their true meaning. This is like learning the important, vital bodily systems first – before trying to diagnose illness. This research led to my first book, “The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”.

Then a few years later I codified a lot of my studies of these Universal astrology concepts into a system called “Universal Astrology”. I decided that everything I was going to teach would have to be backed up by the words of the Maharishi Parashara. So all of my classes in natal astrology, like you will be studying, are backed up by the text – and they are used in the course – without exception.

Vedic Astrology Certification, the Vedic Sciences and YOU
In 2008 I decided to teach a full certification program, called “Universal Astrology”, which as based on the pure Vedic Sciences, which are also the same “Universal Principles” embedded in every spiritual tradition and system. This was a 4 module course, consisting of 52 hours of course material. More than 100 people have bought those classes. Later I was hired by the Indian mystic Dattatreya Siva Baba (an important Guru to Wayne Dyer) to teach the same system, after he looked over the classes. You are getting the recordings of those classes free as a bonus when you register for this certification course.

Reluctantly, I have decided to teach these courses again, in real time, as I have been asked for years to teach it again. This time, I began with a comprehensive Vedic Science course, rather than just a 2 hour class on it as I did the first time. It is impossible to practice Vedic astrology without knowing the Vedic principles. So, I dedicated an entire five weeks to teaching the Vedic principles – and its history, culture and the relationship of Vedic astrology to other astrology systems.

Certification Levels and Testing.
At the end of this first five module course, my students are eligible to take the Level1 Certification test. If they pass with mark of 80% or better they receive the level 1 Certification through the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science.

This Weekend Course Was Taught to the Members of My Certification Program.
In It You Will Learn:

  • The “Works Every Time” Method I use to map the “Soul’s Strategy” in this lifetime (See this applied to 10-15 chart over the whole weekend).

  • Invaluable distinctions and examples of the difference between success, happiness and wisdom (we look at several famous people’s charts for this).

  • A way to look at the “Elements” in the astrology that reveals the deeper motivations of a person or event.

  • A simple, yet radical approach to Chart rectification that all but guarantees your success in distinguishing a fuzzy birth time. You see this done live with one of the Class Members.

  • Break out of the confusing, “well, is it good or bad” syndrome once and for all.

  • Powerful Insight into what cause enormous successes and deep failures and why “Good things” happen to Bad people (and vice versa). You see this illustrated in Chart after Chart

  • Ripping Apart “Planetary Exchanges”, what they really mean and how they show great success BUT often keep us stuck in the same ruts for years.

  • Bunker busting techniques to unearth the buried treasure of the Lunar Nodes.

  • Live, off the cuff illustrations of these Universal astrology principles – not just charts I have picked over and selected. You see us doing the methods together.

  • Much, Much more – With 15 Astrology Charts examined and broken apart in great detail




I’ve been trying for years to get to one of Sam’s in-person intensives, and the stars finally aligned for me to get there! Totally worth it, I loved being able to ask questions in person, feeling my confidence and accuracy grow throughout the weekend — and of course, Sam’s impersonation of Johnny Cash. The most revealing chart we studied was one of a tall, thin, gorgeous gal with tons of talent, yet had every excuse in the world to not succeed, as shown by two mutual receptions of enemy planets, that dominated the entire chart. I have never seen any psychological model that explains contradictory impulses, better than Vedic astrology does. I was able to put that new understanding to good use right away, when I did a radio show where I analyzed Pope Benedict XVI’s chart on the air. Sam delineates everything so clearly, and I hope I have another opportunity to take a live class with him again, soon.

,..there was so much, continual. Like breathing, it happens yet i am not so aware of it going on. Like osmosis, it happens, like the seed opening and the root growing, it happens. it’s a great soup i recommend, and hope it is served again.

Specifically i remember being there for the process of recitifying which Lagna was true for someone who was not sure of their Ascendant sign. Looking deeply into the chart of a particualar person was kind of like being involved in an astrological surgical exploration and discovery. it was very real, compelling and touched on more than astrological understanding. it overlapped with human experience and understanding human nature and the individual yet universality of this trek in evolving to our highest potentials, how challenging this is. this for me is what the charts show, what is given karmically that one is meant to contend with.”[/box]

Sam unlike other Astrology teachers who say just memorize it, wants you to feel into information and understand it like its a story unfolding. Since this class I have a much better understanding of how to see the individuals story in the chart, their overall theme with relationships, to themselves, their community etc. Sam has a unique way of making this subject come alive and effect you in a powerful way.

“Hi Sam,

Sam I just wanted to say how much I appreciated getting to learn in person from you. I found it invaluable to be with you and my other classmates for the live interaction. To be able to ask questions in real time and hear those of others on the spot and your answers was a wonderful gift. Your teachings are very clear, I love how you translate the Vedas into modern language and unpack all the info in the codes of the ancient literature. Your passion for the subject comes through brilliantly. I hope to be able to attend another in person teaching with you real soon.


Sam’s Certification program has helped me to clarify and anchor several years of Self-study. Before I started working with Sam, I had a lot of ‘concepts and knowledge’, but not the clarity and deeper understanding I needed to work with them in a confident way. Attending the in person Weekend Course was a great decision. I learned some new tricks and perspectives to deepen my knowledge, and also was able to confirm for myself how much I have already learned. Seeing these foundational principles put into action over and over again throughout the weekend brought out a new confidence to start putting what I have already learned into practice. I can’t wait to learn more from Sam!

– Jeff Craft (Atlanta, Georgia)

Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga


Thank you! This course has been great so far. Sam offers great explanations of the planets, houses and signs and the classes build well upon each other. Though I’ve been studying jyotish for 6+ years, this course is helping my knowledge to solidify. I am especially happy with how the homework assignments challenge me to integrate all of the previous weeks’ studying, not just the current material. It was great to have the introductory class on Vedic science and philosophy, which Sam explained very well. I’m happy about how the explanations of the jyotish support my understanding of myself and my spiritual path as well. Above all I feel blessed that Sam is also a devotee of Amma, my spiritual teacher — I feel Her grace is with us in this course! I definitely recommend it. Jai Ma! Somya, servant-in-training at Planet Earth

Sam’s astrology certification is incredible, not only is it affordable I am constantly elated by Sam’s quality and passion for this work. I started studying about a year ago and although I have studied before it has helped me have a stronger grasp of the basics, ensuring a much stronger foundation to stand on for in depth understanding. I would definitely recommend the course. Thank you Sam! Kurt Huerta

This certification course in Vedic Astrology is an excellent course to gain deep and solid knowledge in astrology. The course is well planned and easy to follow. Sam is an articulate teacher and his teachings are well researched and backed with experience. His explanations are detailed and with examples. I have not only gained knowledge in the field of astrology, but I have also grown as a person along with understanding the planets and its effects on us. I would definitely recommend this course as it explains astrology by connecting us with reality. Geeta Ramakrishnan

I have found Sam’s astrology certification class to be effective and beneficial. It has exceeded my expectations and i have been very surprised that the depth of information that is available about the Vedas. As a teacher Sam is amazing in his ability to teach the important facts yet relate real life cituation into the program. The main thinks I have learned is the Anchoring Process with all the planets throught the signs. Also my writting is more consise thanks to Sams encouragement. Even though I have studied the planets and signs before I feel I have a much better understanding and level of mastery. I would definitely recommend the course because I look forward to these classes and Sams work and being a student when available to me. Wende Goodman

I have found Sam’s certification course to be the best course on Vedic astrology I have taken. Sam’s clarity in his teachings and breakdown of the these ancient principles makes understanding this complex and difficult subject attainable. Before Sam’s classes I studied Jyotish because I liked it but I didn’t think it was possible for me to become a professional astrologer as it was too hard for me to put it all together. Sam’s style of teaching and layout of the modules has made me think that yes even I can read another persons chart. On this alone I would highly recommend the course, but there’s even more reasons: the downloadable audios and manual as well. I can review, listen on my Iphone and read as often as I need to. I love taking classes in person so I didn’t think I would have the motivation to do this course but I found that I do and being able to review the videos and audios over and over is a big help. Plus there is an active forum and Sam will answer your questions there for real. Thank you Sam for decoding Jyotish for the 21st century.

Sam’s style of teaching his Vedic Astrology certification course is uniquely different. Your journey with Sam will begin with a solid foundation of the origin of Jyotish and its deep roots within the Vedas. This is a rare opportunity for one to immerse their self into this beautiful spiritual science. Whether you’re a novice or advanced student of Jyotish or the Vedas you will gain tremendous knowledge that will be invaluable to deepening your awareness and understanding of your karmic path and the journey of the soul. Whether you’re goal is to become a professional Vedic Astrologer or to discover your true “Self,” Sam’s certification course is for you! Come join Sam and interact with all of his students as we illuminate our lives. Blessings! Janet Scott (Meruputri)

I have been taking Sam’s class and find it very thorough and comprehensive. I really find his methodology very user friendly. He sends a synopsis of the class ahead of time and gives an hour and a half lecture which can be listened to again and again. He also has us answer a questionaire every week which we can also use to gauge how we are doing. There is an interactive form for all of us to engage in if we so choose. He has taken his time to make sure that the fundamentals are well understood, so that we can build upon this structure. It is like math, if you learn the principles well, then you can easily work out the math, if not, then you are completely lost. This was the trouble with me in the past, that the teacher flew past the fundamentals in four or five classes and then beelined thru predictions and analysis. I am very pleased and intend to take the follow up to this course next year. I am very satisfied with the certification course so far and look forward to each new week as it unfolds. Thanks Sam. Jeanine Ligon

It is a blessing to be able to receive this sacred knowledge from the astrology certification course from Sam Geppi. It seems that it is Sam’s mission in life to see that everyone is able to grasp the importance of this science. His unique teaching style and order of lessons are easily comprehended. Sam’s students are not only inspired by his wisdom and joy of sharing but their lives are transformed by it as well

Sam’s Vedic astrology certification is adding a most exciting and fulfilling dimension to my other astrology knowledge because Sam brings in the depth and beauty and wisdom of the ancient Vedic chasers which ties in perfectly with my spiritual beliefs and practices. I am currently studying both traditional astrology which deeply respects karma theory, which I thorooughly enjoy and , and psychological astrology which I find very interesting but disagree with the fundamental precept of it that we are the creators of our own destiny. What I especially appreciate about Sam’s course is that he makes the ancient scriptures utterly relevant in modern day through powerful reading of the horoscope. Karen James Golden Sun

As a teacher Sam is very organized clear and conscise and did I mention humorous. This makes following and understanding the teachings very easy and entertaining. But what I like the most is Sam’s teaching is grounded in vedanta. The very backbone of vedic astrology. Nick

Christopher Testimonial for Sam’s Certifcation Course I have found Sam’s astrology certification to be grounding in my Astrological Knowledge. “I have been very surprised and grateful at how flexible Sam has been during the course with teaching and answering questions . As a teacher Sam is a teacher who does the research and tests his knowledge. He refines his knowledge to make sure we are getting the the best possible information at all times. The main things I have learned are to be more patient with the questions I want answered. This will really help me be more precise in relaying the information. I have been studying for 2 years. Even though I have studied before I would like to make sure my knowledge is accurate and true. I would definitely recommend the course because it is helpful for all levels of learning for people who want to learn Astrology.

I found this astrology certification course to be very helpful and useful. Sam is an excellent teacher and I found his classes very clear and profound, and interesting and stimulating at the same time. Even though I studied before I defintely recomand this course for all serious astrology students and also spiritual seekers that wants to explore in depth this fascinating ancient Vedic Science

For me, it is more than “just” astrology class. It is the whole teaching about life, every single aspect of it. Amazing and magical, at the same time. Thank you, Sam. Iva, Croatia

I have found Sam’s astrology certification course to be highly informative and valuable. There’s a lot of information to take in and Sam breaks down the details into bite-sized chunks to make learning easier. I have learnt so much since I started the course in August and now have a better understanding of the vedic culture and history. Sam’s explanation of the 3 gunas has helped me to understand how they work. His way of teaching Planets with the signs makes a lot of sense. I did enrol a couple of years ago in the Relationship Astrology course, but found that I was out of my depth. When this course came up, I knew I had to do it to learn the basics, and what better person to do it than with Sam. Even though I have not been studying that long, I would definitely recommend the course because Sam is a great teacher. Sheila Murray

I’m blessed: after about 4 years of reading, researching Jyotish and feeling somewhat intimidated by its greatness, I made the life-changing decision of studying with Sam for a proper certification. So far the experience has been beyond amazing. Before this course I used to read about Vedic astrology and the almost infinite possibilities in a chart, and I would end up with some confusion and questions in my mind. I wanted to study with my guru, Dattatreya Siva Baba, founder of Astroved, but he was not available. When he recommended Sam, I made that decision out of trust in my guru. Before this course, I never thought that Jyotish could be made so easy while following, at the same time, the classical texts and the purity of Vedic thought. Sam can achieve this feat in a unique, friendly and precise style. I am so happy that I signed up. In this course I’m always looking forward to the next level — it’s fascinating. Thanks so much, Sam, for making this study possible. Jyotish was definitely a missing link in my yogic studies and in my understanding of the universe. Donatella Riback, yogini, writer, and student of Vedic astrology