Advanced Chart Reading Class

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“Dear Sam,
Thank you once again. I wanted to express my gratitude for taking your course this past weekend at Sivinanada Yoga Farm.
Learning advanced Vedic Astrology techniques and connecting with other students with similar interest was really quite enjoyable. I think its a great opportunity for you and your students attending the Ashram in this fashion.
I feel this experience added to the spiritual atmosphere of the course given.

The course itself was very intensive, practical because you taught the fundamentals of what it takes to read a complete chart on a more advanced level. This required you to cover an enormous amount of Vedic Astrology material in just a few days. However Sam, you always made yourself available to your students for questions, even the mundane and fundamental ones as well.

I so look forward to taking more courses from you in the future.
Many Blessing to you, your friend and student,
Wende Goodman”


“My journey into Vedic astrology started a few years back. I kept looking at the planetary transits and saw it’s effect on me and the people around. It was a slow process of learning from observation, reading online and books.
My understanding took a giant leap after attending a weekend seminar with Sam. He in a matter of hours can help you see what are the most important things to see in a chart, the role of nakshatras during the Dasha cycles and much much more.

I whole heartedly recommend sam’s classes to everyone.
Ajay Tatparia”


I’m ever so grateful for the light and vast knowledge shared during the Sivananda Advancded Chart Reading Course.  It was an amazing experience all around in the serene setting of Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm.  The content was full and rich covering advanced techniques as well as synthesizing some of the fundamentals.  I feel it was of significant value as it deepened my studies in a dramatic way.  Thank You!
Tamme Standen




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