Thanks for getting the reading.249151_10151480733908040_766400590_n

  • Click the button below to make an appointment using my online scheduler.
  • There will be a range of days and times available.
  • The times will be in YOUR time zone.
  • You will be expected to honor your appointment time.
  • Appointments will NOT be rescheduled because “You Forgot”,.. etc. So please pick a time that you can make and remember the time.
  • Enter your details fully and correctly. I am surprised at how often people enter the wrong phone numbers and then need to email me and confuse the (simple) process. Please just slow down, focus and fill out the intake form correctly. I looks like this:
  • You will be sent a receipt with the time you picked on it.
    I will not be recording the call, there are many options for you to now handle that. You can google “record a phone call” if you do not know how to do that.


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