Get a 30 Minute Exalted Venus Recording For 2017

Venus will be exalted for 4 months from the end of January until the end of May 2017.

So, I decided to offer 30-minute assessments based on:

  • Venus in your chart and what it shows about your relationships capacity 
  • Venus in Pisces and retrograde – Shaking up our Relationships
  • 7th house and what it says about your relationship life
  • 7th house ruler in your chart and what it says about your relationship life
  • All of this based on your current dasas and transits
I am sure you will benefit from a 30-minute assessment. These are very focused, only on your chart, where I speak the entire time with no interruptions
Honestly, people really love these focused recordings, because there are no interruptions or divergent questions. Plus:
  • I speak very fast, so you will get a lot for your money.  
  • You have the recording forever to listen to over and over
  • You can send me a note / message, so I can address exactly what is on your mind.
  • The reading will be done within 2 weeks 

I Really Mean This. Sometimes These Readings Sell Out in 1 Day or Less

Only 127.00 for
a 30 Minute Recording