2015 Register For the Reading

Please follow these simple directions exactly, or else your reading will be delayed.

Send an email to samswork108 -AT- gmail.com ONLY with the following info:
Please copy and paste it into the email to make it easy.

Your name:
Marital Status:
Birth Date: Spell the month out – August 5, 1968 NOT 8/5/68 or 5/8/68
Birth time: If you do not know, say so and I will probably still be able to help
Birth place:
Quick Comment:
Note: Adhere to this concept of “quick” comment. I just want to know generally what is going on and any major issues.

I am going to read this comment, so if it takes me 10 minutes to read your comment, it will be cutting in to your time. So, do not write a lengthy tome about everything that has happened to you for the last 10 years, and in every area of life .. just a snapshot.

I am saying this for your benefit, not to be difficult. Sometimes people expect that I am going to read this BEFORE the reading to “prepare”. That is not so. I am doing the reading then and there. So, just a quick note is all I need. Again, I know sometimes people write all of this stuff in a note because it help them to “process” what they are going through, but this is not the context for that.. unless you want me to read it all back to you. But generally, I do not need to know all of this.