2015 Relationship Readings

2015 Relationship Readings

Between now and the end of 2015 Venus is going to be retrograde, passing over mars, Jupiter, Rahu and debilitated. Especially the next few months could be quite hairy – with Venus retrograde happening at the end of July.

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As you should know, these will sell out quickly!

This is not a consultation, where we will schedule an appointment to talk. It is a recording that you will receive within 14 calendar days of purchasing it

In this reading I will assess your relationship tendencies, which should include:

  • The Moon
  • Venus
  • 7th house ruler
  • 7th house
  • D-9
  • Current relationship relative to these things

The transits of Venus over the next few months and the rest of this year.
This is plenty for me to focus on for 30 uninterrupted minutes.

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