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Life Is Passing You By – Time to Get Educated!

100ConLike everyone, I am sure you imagine a time when you can speak with total confidence when you see an astrology chart. But that is not the case now. Sure, you definitely know some things,… mainly as it revolves around your chart, and / or other worn-out cliches about Signs. You know the “Libra is about Balance” stuff – please stop saying that!, OK? – 🙂 Just kidding, but you know what I mean.

I have put together a video that shows you how to have “100% Confidence” when looking at astrology charts. Also, this video will explain exactly how much Karma you can change and what you MUST accept.

gettemplate4Let’s face it, you got involved in astrology to know yourself better. But it is hard to be objective once you start looking at your own chart. It is like someone trying to become and a doctor by just looking at her own body.

I have put together a Video training with some very powerful Templates, that show you know to read a chart correctly – including your own chart. The truth is, you can take the principles and methodologies I show you in this video and become a great astrologer. In the process you will get to know yourself. You will also know the deeper implications of your karma.

100C9898onFor a limited time, I have made available 8 of my most popular home study courses. More than 70 hours of classes – ONLY 497.00 – But now, I am offering a discount – Only 297.00 (Use the Coupon Code “PPass14”)

This group of eight Vedic astrology courses is a complete education in astrology. Most of these courses are deep dives into powerful techniques. Yet, along the way, you will see the principles reestablished and reaffirmed. This is perfect for astrology students who have been studying, but need to see astrology working at a high level and across many systems and techniques.